Al-Abbas Holy Shrine prepares to participate in the festival held in Egypt

Al-Abbas Holy Shrine (PBUH), through the Childhood and Youth Division, is preparing to participate in the Youth Theatre Festival for Youth activities in its 8th session in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
Director Karar Al-Safi said, "The Theatre Unit in the Childhood and Youth Division at the al-Abbas's Holy Shrine will participate in the activities of the South Youth Festival in its 8th session, which will be held in the Arab Republic of Egypt, with the play (Sinan the Superhero).
He added, "The work is written by Sadiq Al-Nasrawi, directed by Karar Al-Safi, assistant director Abbas Jassim, scenography by Hamza Abdul Ameer, lighting by Ali Al-Mutairi, digital by Ali Adel, decor by Abbas Radhi, words by Jalil Khazal, compositions of the songs, sound engineering by Arif Fouad Al-Gharib, Maytham Abdul Ameer, sound effects by Jalal Al-Zubaidi, and production manager Hassanein Farouk Al-Khafaji and technical supervision by Ali Al-Badri."
Al-Safi pointed out, "The work will be performed by Karar Al-Safi, Saif Al-Safi, Ali Al-Badri, Karar Arshad, Abbas Jassim, Dhulfiqar Al-Saadi, and Mohammad Hadi."
He stated, "The division had previously won the award for the best-integrated work at the Al-Husseini Al-Sagheer Festival for Children's Theatre in its 6th session in 2022."
Emad Baaou