Imam Hussain's Shrine media department holds the first international media forum

The International Media Centre, affiliated with the Media Department of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine (PBUH), organised the First International Media Forum under the theme "The Role of Global Media in Covering Millions' Pilgrimages." The forum was attended by several professors from Iraqi universities and media outlets on Saturday, December 23, 2023, in the Sayyid al-Awsiyaa Hall.

Dr. Alaa Dhiyau Aldeen, Deputy Secretary-General of the Holy Shrine, stated during the forum, "The important role played by the media nowadays in conveying the Million's Pilgrimage and highlighting the city of Karbala must be based on the utmost credibility and accuracy. The world must be informed about what happened in Karbala and the injustice that occurred against the AhlulBayt (PBUH)."

He added that "it is our collective responsibility to present the great humanitarian cause and message of Imam Hussain (PBUH) in a dignified manner, as the issue of Karbala remains alive in the consciences of nations. We should utilise it to ensure freedom and uphold noble principles for humanity worldwide."

Abbas Al-Khafaji, Head of the Media Department, stated, "The department seeks to enhance communication with international media institutions during the pilgrimages and focus on transmitting details and events with accuracy and objectivity. We strive to involve more international and local media outlets in covering these major events."

Al-Khafaji also said, "The department aims to broadcast the rituals of these pilgrimages to all parts of the world, especially the al-Arbaeen pilgrimage, which has become a global event attended by many countries. It also provides an opportunity for the international audience to learn about the projects undertaken by the Holy Shrine, which serve all Iraqis."

Regarding the purpose of organising the forum, Haider Al-Mankoushi, the man in charge of the International Media Centre, explained, "The significance of pilgrimages and the profound impact of international media in conveying the message of Imam Hussain to the world is the main motive behind this forum."

He concluded, "The forum hosted several international and local media institutions. In addition to specialised professors in international media affairs, it included a research session highlighting the importance of the role of global media in covering these gatherings, as well as the peaceful coexistence in Karbala, given that the city attracts millions of visitors from different countries every year."

Ibrahim Al-Awaini