The Shrine holds a symposium on the impact of rumours on social life

The Social Development Division, affiliated with the Department of Social Development and Rehabilitation for Youth, held a seminar titled "Rumours and Their Impact on Social Life" for the Shrine's employees. The forum took place at the Khatam Al-Anbiya Hall inside the Shrine on Tuesday, December 26, 2023.
Karrar Ziyarah, the man in charge of the division, stated to the International Media Centre, "The Social Development Division organised a forum on the impact of rumours on people's lives. Rumours are one of the most prevalent phenomena that strike the fabric of society, starting from families, neighbourhoods, cities, and institutions up to the whole country."
He explained, "Rumours include several aspects, like political, economic, and social aspects, all of which affect work in both the governmental and private sectors."
Ziyarah further added, "The reason for the participation of the Holy Shrine affiliates in the forum is that they have provided numerous services to society. To continue providing the best services, it is necessary to confront rumours and ensure the accuracy of news by relying on credible primary sources."
Emad Baou