The Holy Shrine achieves advanced completion rates in the Al-Warith Grand Complex project in Karbala

The Strategic Projects Department affiliated with Imam Hussain Holy Shrine continues to work on the al-Wareth big complex project in the City of Karbala.
Eng Mohammad Dhiaa, the department's official, said, "The aim of constructing the project is to host Imam Hussain's Holy Shrine guests arriving at the Holy City of Karbala from inside and outside Iraq. As the city eagerly needs such a place, this project came to fill this need."
He added, "The project is being built on land with an area of 7,800 m2, while the constructing area of the project is 50,000 m2, and it consists of 18 floors and a basement with an area of 7,800 m2."
He stated, "The complex includes a parking lot, spaces designated for electromechanical devices, generators, water tanks, and public services. The project also contains a theatre that can accommodate 480 people, bedrooms, a restaurant, study halls, administrative rooms, and green spaces."
He pointed out, "The project is integrated in terms of the electricity system, the fire-fighting system, and the project management system in a smart way to monitor the susceptible electromechanical devices in turning on and off the systems, alerting of danger and maintenance situations, and the electronic monitoring system."
The head of the Strategic Projects Department at the Holy Shrine confirmed that work is taking place with high efforts, and our cadres have achieved advanced completion rates thus far."