The Holy Shrine is taking part in a global Islamic conference in Indonesia

Imam Hussain Holy Shrine, represented by the Al-Bayyna Centre for Intellectual and Cultural Security, participated in the International Islamic Conference for Preachers, which was held in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, with the participation of ten Islamic countries.

Al-Bayyna Centre official Sheikh Ali Al-Qarawi said, "The conference was held in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, from the 12th to the 13th of December under the slogan (The Role of Islamic Da'wah (Preaching) in Creating Peace and Developing Civilization), and our participation in the conference was by researching its title (Religions and Human Protection)."

He pointed out, "The aim of participating in the conference is to preserve world peace and present a strategic study to make mosques centres for cultural development, noting that the conference was held with the participation of 10 Arab and foreign Islamic countries."


Ameer Al-Moussawi