The Pakistani Ambassador to Iraq: This is my last visit to the Holy Shrine as an ambassador

The Pakistani Ambassador to Iraq, Mr Ahmad Amjad Ali, said during his visit to the al-Abbas Holy Shrine (PBUH) on March 11, 2023, "This visit is considered my last as an Ambassador to Iraq, as my official duties assigned to me have ended. Indicating his intention to conduct future visits to the Holy Shrines."
Ali stated, "Over 300,000 Pakistani pilgrims come annually to visit the Holy Shrines, noting that "180,000 pilgrims have visited Iraq during the al-Arbaeen pilgrimage in the current year."
The ambassador expressed his admiration for the significant role played by the Holy Shrines in making the pilgrimages attended by millions of people, including the al-Arbaeen, through the efforts made and the various services they provide.
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