The Deputy Secretary-General conducted a tour of Shrine's projects in Basra

The Deputy Secretary-General of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine, Dr Alaa Dhiaa al-Deen, was briefed on the progress of service projects in the City of Basra, Southern Iraq, including conducting a tour of the al-Wareth hospital for cancerous tumour diseases and Noor al-Sibtain Academy for treating autism and psychological disorders, in addition to one thousand houses for orphans.
Dr. Dhiaa Al-Deen said, "In order to provide the best services in the Iraqi governorates, the Holy Shrine took the initiative and started from Karbala and continues in various Iraqi governorates."
He stated, "High completion rates have been achieved by the Holy Shrine cadres, represented by the engineering and technical workers in the projects department, hoping to be opened as soon as possible."
He concluded, "The vision of Imam Hussain Shrine is to provide citizens with the distinguishing services they need, especially health services, in all Iraqi governorates."
Emad Baaou