The Holy Shrine is about to release the PetScan mobile device to support the largest campaign for early cancer detection

The Health and Medical Education Authority at Imam Hussain Holy Shrine announced its contract to bring the Petscan mobile device, dedicated to examining oncology and heart patients, into their homes without going to the specialised centres.
Dr Haidar Hamza, the head of the Health and Medical Education Authority at the Holy Shrine, said, "This device possesses the latest technologies to detect various types of tumours, in addition to other services provided, including examining heart muscle activity and the integrity of the arteries."
He added, "Iraq, supported by the Holy Shrine, is preparing to introduce a mobile CT scan, marking the initiation of a significant campaign for early cancer screening in the country."
He concluded, "The device will serve to examine sick families who cannot cope with the challenges of travelling or accessing healthcare facilities for their treatment. Therefore, the Warith Foundation decided to reach them and reassure them of their health."
Ibrahim Al-Awaini