Imam Ali Holy Shrine received the UN report about Imam Ali's commandments to Malik al-Ashtar issued in 2002

Mr Hassan al-Jabbari, a member of Imam Ali's Holy Shrine Board of Directors, received the UN development report that was stated in 2002 regarding the commandments of Imam Ali (PBUH) to his fellow Malik al-Ashrar when he appointed him governor of Egypt.
World Peace Ambassador Dr Sahib Al-Hakim said, "The fresco containing the UN report of Imam Ali's commandments was delivered to the Imam Ali Holy Shrine (PBUH)." 
He stated, "The report was translated from English to Arabic and then printed in the form of a large fresco, to be officially delivered to the Holy Shrine represented by the Board of Directors member Mr. Hassan Al-Jabbari."
He concluded, "The UN development report issued in 2002 mentioned six messages quoted from Imam Ali's commandments to Malik al-Ashtar to show him the perfect way of management, government policy, rights of the people, administration, and religious and judicial matters."
Emad Ba'ao