The Korean Ambassador to Iraq visits Imam Hussain Holy Shrine

The South Korean ambassador to Iraq, Song Soo-jui, visited Imam Hussein Holy Shrine (PBUH) and was briefed on the most prominent religious, cultural, and urban landmarks.
The IMC correspondent reported that Dr Alaa Dhiaa al-Deen, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Holy Shrine, welcomed the delegation and provided them with an overview of Karbala's significant sites and landmarks. The visit concluded with the delegation receiving a shield from the Holy Shrine.
The Korean Ambassador, Song Soo Joi, said, "This is my first visit to the Holy Shrine. I'm delighted and impressed with the urban and cultural development in the city of Karbala."
The ambassador added, "I offer my sincere appreciation and gratitude to the Holy Shrine administration and Iraqi people for their warm hospitality and generosity. Ended up by expressing his admiration for this place, which is full of spirituality and tranquillity for the millions who visit the place every year."
Emad Ba'aou