Iraqi researcher and historian: The international media cannot react to al-Arbaeen Pilgrimage

The Iraqi researcher and historian, Dr Ali Al-Nashmi, said, "Zionism and capitalism control the global media platforms, and therefore, never expect them to interact with an event they consider to be a hostile element to their policies, such as the al-Arba’een pilgrimage, and to create a particular image about Iraq and the character of the Prophet's family (PBUT). Therefore, they stand against these events, so we must redouble our efforts to combat these trends."
Al-Nashmi said in the first International Media Forum, "These forums are significant work and a wonderful gesture due to their importance, which we need in our lives in several aspects, such as political, cultural, and religious."
It is stated that the International Media Centre, affiliated with the Shrine's media department, held the first international media forum entitled (The Role of the Global Media in Covering Millions' Pilgrimages.
Ameer Al-Moussawi