Karbala is preparing to hold the third Kawthar Al-Ismah International Festival

Imam Hussain Holy Shrine announces the date for conducting the 3rd International Kawthar al-Ismah Festival in Karbala.
Ali Kadhim Sultan, the head of the Festivals and Celebration Department at the Holy Shrine, stated, "The Holy Shrine is preparing to commemorate the birth of Lady al-Zahraa (PBUH) by holding the 3rd
International Kawthar Al-Ismah Festival will start on January 2, 2024, in Karbala."
He added, "We have received entries from more than 30 countries. In addition, over 100 figures from several countries worldwide and various research, media, literary, and cultural specialisations will participate in the festival."
Sultan explained, "The festival includes an art exhibition that includes Arabic calligraphy, fine art, and design, as well as a specialised library of what was written about Al-Zahraa (PBUH), Quranic recitals, and other poetic."
Ibrahim Al-Awaini