Karbala... The medical injection factory continues to cover the local market

The Medical Injection Laboratory, affiliated with Imam Hussain Holy Shrine, continues its hard work in manufacturing medical injections to cover the local market with its various products.
The production official at the medical syringes factory, Eng Emad Jawad, said in a statement, "(260) million pieces of medical syringes is the current production rate, in three different sizes, in addition to the insulin syringe for diabetics, as we were keen through it to make a local product that matches the global market's products in terms of quality and guarantee."
Jawad added, "The machines work all day to supply private and government hospitals with different sizes of syringes, in addition to producing the high-consumption insulin syringe in Iraq, as it was manufactured at the lowest cost to be accessible."
Meanwhile, the supervisory officer at the medical injection factory, Eng Muntaha Hussain, said, "The local product goes through many stages and is examined to specific standards of quality, and the main goal that the administration is working on is to cover all Iraqi cities."
Emad Ba'aou