UN delegation visits Imam Hussain Holy Shrine and tours its largest project in Iraq

The United Nations delegation in Iraq visited the Holy Shrine of Imam Hussain (peace be upon him) in the holy city of Karbala, and was briefed on the Holy Shrine’s largest project - Fadak Plantation.

The Deputy Secretary-General of the Imam Hussain Holy Shrine, Ala Diaa Al-Din, received the delegation and gave them a detailed explanation of the various projects implemented by the Holy Shrine, which serve the Iraqis in all provinces.

The Director of the UN’s World Food Program in Iraq, Ali Al-Quraishi, said in a statement, "My visit to Karbala, and specifically the Holy Shrine of Imam Hussain, came to see its projects, especially the Fadak Date Palm Plantation project, which is one of the largest and most important projects."

Al-Quraishi praised the achievement of the project and considered it successful and distinguished, being the largest strategic project for date palms in the country.

He added, "We, as a humanitarian organization, view the Holy Shrine’s projects as a common concern because we care about the humanitarian aspect, as they restore hope and the spirit of cooperation and give assistance to the needy Iraqis, which makes the Holy Shrine’s projects very special."

The Director of the UN’s World Food Program in Iraq explained, "We will search for possibilities for the potential partnership between us and the Imam Hussain Holy Shrine, and the possibility of recreating a similar project in other regions of Iraq, to re-cultivate the many types of various dates and help bring back the country in the date trade market."


Emad Bao