The Indian Bohra sect commemorates Ashura at the Camp of Imam Hussain

The Camp of Imam Hussain (peace be upon him) received thousands of pilgrims from the Indian Bohra sect, to commemorate the Ashura ceremonies, as the mourners revived the painful incident of Al-Taff.

Saif al-Din Ismaili, one of the mourners, said, “We draw closer to the Almighty by remembering this great calamity of Imam Hussain (peace be upon him), which all of humanity is still taking lessons from, to fight injustice and corruption, and we, in our role as Muslims, have to follow this selected group of the Almighty until the Day of Resurrection.”

Ismaili mentioned that they used to revive these blessed days in the past here in Karbala, but the pandemic prevented them from attending, saying that “We are lucky to come and have the honor to visit Karbala and participate in the ceremonies.”

Another pilgrim added that thousands of people wish to come here, but the difficult circumstances they live in prevented them from attending.


Abbas Najm