In cooperation with the Holy Shrine, Istanbul witnesses the 2nd Imam Hussain conference

The Shrine announces the launch of the Imam Hussein Conference activities in its 2nd edition under the slogan (Islamic unity in the love of Imam Hussein.)

Sheikh Rahmani, Chairman of the Committee and Director of Ahlul al-Bayt Foundation, said, "We appreciate the role of the Supreme Religious Authority and the Holy Shrine in strengthening the mutual relations with Turkey and offer our thanks to their role in the humanitarian initiatives guided by his eminence, Sayyed Ali al-Sistani, and the administration of the Holy Shrine and the delegation."

Sheikh Ali al-Qara'wi, the Shrine's delegation representative, said, "This conference was held to deliver Imam Hussain's message and highlight his personality, as Imam Hussain represents the symbol of Islamic unity since he's the source of freedom for Muslims and the whole world."

Al-Qara'wi continued, "This conference included a photography exhibition and calligraphy activity, which is writing (Ya Hussain) on the banner, by the Shia citizens who participated in the event."

Sabah Al-Talqani, Director of the Imam Hussain Centre (PBUH) in Istanbul, said, "Coinciding with the conference, an artistic photography exhibition was held for the heritage of Karbala and the Holy Shrines, in addition to a lottery for five prizes to get a chance to visit Karbala, as well as presenting films about the humanitarian, scientific, and health projects of the Shrine."

Al-Talqani noted, "Establishing the Imam Hussain Centre, which is affiliated with the Holy Shrine, and the International Media Centre was  to be dedicated to building bridges of cooperation between the Holy Shrine and Turkish institutions."