The Shrine sets preparations to participate in the 9th International Book Fair held by Imam al-Khadim Holy Shrine

The Exhibitions Division of the Media Department at Imam Hussain Holy Shrine is preparing to participate in the 9th international book fair organised by Imam al-Khadhim Holy Shrine in Baghdad, within the 12th annual international conference, as it will take place near al-Murad Gate for ten days.
Ali Mametha, the Exhibitions Division official, said in a statement to the International Media Centre, "The Exhibitions Division affiliated with the Media Department at the Holy Shrine worked hard in coordination with the organisers to set a distinguished location to display the books of the 19 productive departments at the Shrine."
He added, "Over 40 local and international publishing houses are participating in the exhibition. The participating books reached more than 500 different titles at the Imam Hussain Shrine pavilion, as each book fair witnesses a special presence, and this one specifically, as many valuable books are participating."
He stated, "In its 9th edition, the exhibition will witness wide international participation. Also, there will be special pavilions to host children's literature publishing houses due to the importance of children in society."
Imad Ba'ou
Translation / Aba al-Hassan Abbas