The Bangladeshi Ambassador to Iraq: Muslims constitute about 90% of our population, and I call for opening horizons of cooperation between the two countries

The Ambassador of the Republic of Bangladesh to Iraq, Mr. Amadi Fadloul Bari, accompanied by the Ambassador of the Republic of Bangladesh to the Arab Republic of Egypt, Mr. Minirol Islam, visited the Imam Hussain Holy Shrine and toured its museum.

Museum director Ghassan al-Shahristani said “After performing the visitation ceremony, the delegation went to visit the museum, where a detailed introductory tour was conducted and an idea of ​​the museum's mission and goals was given.”

On his part, Mr. Minirol Islam said, "I am very happy with this visit as I am standing in this blessed place, and I was impressed by what I saw in the Imam Hussein Museum, of valuable exhibits and display methods that drew the visitors' attention to it, and God willing, I will visit again.”

Mr. Amadi Fadloul added, "I wished on my first visit to return to Karbala again, and thanks to God Almighty, my wish was fulfilled with my colleague, the Ambassador of Bangladesh in Egypt, who showed his interest when I spoke to him about the city of Karbala.”

The two ambassadors expressed their gratitude and appreciation to the administration of the Holy Shrine for the warm hospitality and reception.