Hussain Day International Convention

Hussain Day is an annual convention organized in Bangalore, India, in order to bring all communities on one platform to protect the principles of humanity, maintain social justice, propagate brotherhood of mankind, inculcate values, be tolerant to each other and respect all religions.

Prominent guest speakers from around the world share their thoughts and views on the Master of Martyrs, Imam Hussain, peace be upon him.

Below are quotes of some guest speakers:


The one who sacrifices himself for the sake of humanity and his faith, becomes immortal forever. His sacrifice has become a guiding lamp for the future generations. On Hussain Day, we salute all the martyrs who have sacrificed themselves for the sake of humanity. Let us unite together as one by following in the footsteps of Imam Hussain.

-Giani Singh, Head Granthi


Imam Hussain is for all religions, sects, races and ethnicities. His message was only for peace for brotherhood. He taught humanity to never bow down to oppression. He is remembered by all for his sacrifices. No one like Imam Hussain will ever be born.


- Dr. Swami Maharaj, Founder of Shree Swami Sarang Global Peace Foundation


The holy household of the prophet, peace be upon them, are unique and unparalleled. Imam Hussain is a martyr of humanity. He set an example for the oppressed.


-Maulana Obeidullah Azmi, Former Member of Parliament, Eminent Islamic Scholar


Imam Hussain’s legacy can help us to think and work for the fairer society where justice will be fully established, freedom of communities and individuals will be respected and appreciated, women and children will be protected, and people of all faiths will be recognized.


-Prof. Dr. Malkhaz Songulashvilli, Metropolitan Bishop of Tbilisi