Research on crowd management within the 1st International Media Forum

Research sessions addressed the pilgrimages attended by millions of people who visit Karbala through several axes every year, and because of that, the media forum held by the International Media Centre affiliated with Holy Shrine's Media Department.
Dr. Thamir Makki, the head of the research session, said, "The session included three research papers; the first one dealt with crowds management, while the second paper was entitled (al-Arbaeen Pilgrimage, Iraq's Soft Power), and the third research paper was about the Western media and how it covers pilgrimages attended by millions."
He added, "The session included a discussion of many important details that took place around the forum, and the committee came up with several recommendations for decision-makers, including the necessity of paying attention to religious discourse and exporting the al-Arbaeen pilgrimage the correct way, in addition to research on crowd management by Dr Qasim Shuaib, a researcher in political sciences, noting the importance of creating an organisation specialised in managing these crowds of millions."
Dr. Shuaib said, "The concept of crowd management is one of the modern concepts that has gained an institutional character with the development of events in recent years. These events are represented by sports festivals such as football games, literary festivals, and massive pilgrimages."
Ameer Al-Moussawi