Two Indians have completed a five-month, six thousand km journey on foot, reaching Karbala

The two Indian pilgrims, Mr Ali Shahbaz and Mr Akbar Khan arrived in the Holy city of Karbala after a five-month journey on foot, covering a distance of 6,000 km.
Mr Shahbaz said regarding the trip, "We travelled 6,000 km from the time we set off from the state of Bihar in India until we reached Iraq and completed visiting AhluAlBayet Holy Shrines. The trip took about five and a half months."
He continued, "For 20 years, we have been thinking about making such a journey from India all the way to Mecca, passing through Iran and Iraq, to visit the Holy Shrines."
Shahbaz said, "We will continue our journey to Mecca at the end of December to perform (Umrah rituals) and endeavour (Hajj Pilgrimage) and to pray that peace prevails in all Muslim nations. Noting that, despite the many risks we faced in our journey, the determination to reach the destination remained unwavering."
He added, "Our journey aims to give an accurate picture of the Islamic religion and the doctrine of Prophet Mohammad's family (PBUH)."
It is stated that many events are held regularly in various countries to spread love and peace.
Follow-up: Emad Baaou
Translation: Aba al-Hassan Abbas