The International Media Center hosts the advisor to the Italian Prime Minister

The International Media Centre, affiliated with the Media Department at Imam Hussain Holy Shrine, hosted Professor Petrovich Petrconi, advisor to the Italian Prime Minister, and his accompanying delegation.
Haidar Al-Mangushi, the centre's official, said, "The centre's work plan includes strengthening relations with influential figures in Western and Arab society, so the centre hosted the Italian researcher Petrovich Petrconi, and an integrated programme was prepared in Karbala.
He noted, "The Italian president's advisor had previously visited Iraq and expressed great admiration after he visited Imam Hussain and his brother Abu Al-Fadhel Al-Abbas (PBUT)."
He pointed out, "The researcher visited many institutions affiliated with the Holy Shrine, especially Al-Zahraa University for girls, and gave a lecture on women and contemporary globalisation. He also visited several heritage landmarks in Karbala, including Al-Ukhaydir Fortress and Al-Qaiser's Church."
Al-Mangushi added that the programme included meetings with some religious scholars in the holy cities of Karbala and Najaf.