The Wareth International Foundation for Oncology declares its ongoing provision of complimentary early breast cancer screening

The Warith International Foundation for Oncology, affiliated with Imam Hussain Holy Shrine, announced plans to continue its early campaign for early breast cancer examinations under the slogan (She Strives, You Strive).
Dr Haider Hamza al-Abidi, the head of the Health and Medical Education Authority at the Holy Shrine, said, "The Shrine launched a campaign to do early breast cancer check-ups for women, noting that the campaign is a non-profit initiative aiming to help all Iraq citizens."
Al-Abadi added, "The number of those who have been examined since the campaign's launch up to the moment has reached 244 women, free of charge, and the foundation is still receiving people to do tests. Noting that these examinations aim to encourage people to go and do early cancer screening."
He stated, "The Warith International Foundation for Oncology, affiliated with the Holy Shrine, will launch other programmes to detect diseases in their early stages, including early detection of lung diseases, lipid disorders, and genetic diseases, all of which are free of charge under the auspices of the Holy Shrine."