The Holy Shrine holds a glass painting course for girls to support them artistically and economically

The Youth Development and Social Rehabilitation Department/Arts and Theatre Division of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine General Secretariat held a glass painting art course for girls in the Sayyed al-Shuhadaa complex to develop women's artistic and economic skills.
Wissam Abdul Salam, head of the Arts and Theatre Division, said in a statement to the International Media Centre, "The course emerged out of the General Secretariat's keenness, represented by our department, to enhance women's place and in order to play an effective role in society."
He added, "This art is considered important compared to other arts, although it is simple but requires a lot of concentration, as no matter how many materials these decorations have... but those made of shiny glass still carry a distinguished value, noting that 'the course lasts for four days, divided into 12 hours in the participation of 14 girls'."
Emad Baaou