The Shrine aims to provide the market with a lot of Medical products

The administration of the (Uruk) Factory for Medicines and Medical Supplies affiliated with the Holy Shrine announced starting the production to provide hospitals and medical institutions.


Mohannad Al-Saadi, the director of the factory, said in an interview, "The medical supplies factory located within the Uruk factory has started producing and supplying hospitals affiliated with the Shrine," noting that "the factory consists of (3) production lines, the first for fabric products, and the second (stainless steel). And the third is for plastic products."

He explained, "The project aims to support the local market with Iraqi products made by well-trained cadres and the latest equipment, noting that the factory's productivity per year is approximately (5M) pieces of various products that will fill (20-25%) of the market needs, in addition, it has a license from the Iraqi Ministry of Health and passed all the Ministry's tests."


Tr / Aba al-Hassan Abbas