Syria: Imam Hussain Holy Shrine sponsors the restoration and equipment of Jableh National Hospital in Latakia

The Health and University Education Authority of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine has announced its sponsorship of the restoration and equipment of the Jableh National Hospital, which is located in Latakia, Syria, after the devastating earthquake that struck Syria and Turkey recently.

“Jableh National Hospital is one of the most prominent hospitals in the Syrian governorate of Latakia, as it aims to provide services to more than a million patients, and after the city was hit by the earthquake, the injured sought refuge there,” said Abbas Abid Ali, a member of the medical delegation sent by the Imam Hussain Holy Shrine to Syria.

Ali added, "The Holy Shrine will equip the hospital with a large number of modern medical and laboratory devices during the next week, in addition to the restoration of some hospital departments including emergency and resuscitation wards, and the ICU."


Emad Bao