Imam Hussain Holy Shrine holds Al-Najim Documentary Media Conference

On the occasion of the eighth anniversary of the issuance of the Sufficient Jihad Fatwa, the Imam Hussain Holy Shrine held Al-Najim Documentary Media Conference, in memory of the martyrs of the blessed fatwa, under the slogan (When the muzzle of the media and the muzzle of the gun meet, the memory of generations is created).

"The war documentation process represents an important pillar of documenting the history of the nation with its glories and defending its sanctities and land," said the Secretary-General of the Imam Hussain Holy Shrine, Mr. Hassan Rashid Al-Abaiji.

Al-Abaiji added, "These historical events must be written in detail because they represent an honorable history for those who answered the call of the Supreme Religious Authority and its blessed fatwa, and in memory of those heroes who sacrificed their pure blood for the sake of the Islamic religion and doctrine, and for the sake of the land and people, to be a bright light for future generations, as the documentation of these heroic stances is a duty for all free writers.”

The Director of the War Documentation Division at the Holy Shrine, Hazem Fadel, told the International Media Center, "We aim for this conference to consolidate the vision of academics through research, in order to remember the victory of the blessed fatwa, and to reach mechanisms for delivering this eternal message.”

He added, "Fifteen papers were accepted that will be discussed by the conference’s scientific committee, where we have researches that talk about the humanitarian aspect of the Supreme Religious Authority’s recommendations,” noting that this conference is local, but there are participating researches from Iran, Syria and Lebanon, and this is evidence that the blessed fatwa has fame throughout the Islamic world.


Report by: Abbas Najim