The Dean of the School of Church Communications in Rome expresses willingness to establish joint cultural and media forums with the Imam Hussain Holy Shrine

After their meeting with Pope Francis, the delegation of the Imam Hussain Holy Shrine visited the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome, to introduce the activities of the Holy Shrine and its scientific, cultural and religious projects.

The delegation met with the Dean of the School of Church Communications at the university, Dr. Daniel Villar, to provide some explanations and show a documentary film on the history of Holy Karbala, followed by another film explaining the most important scientific, cultural and service projects sponsored by the Holy Shrine.

During the meeting, proposals for establishing joint cultural and media forums were discussed, and a plan was developed for exchanging experiences and the possibility of receiving Italian institutions to set up specialized training courses in Iraq.

For his part, the Dr. Villar stressed "the necessity of the presence of the Iraqi media in the gatherings of journalists, which the college holds annually, to exchange experiences in the field of journalism and media."

It is worth noting that the Iraqi embassy in the Vatican had a great role in coordinating the schedule of the tour and accompanying the delegation in all the institutions visited.