Thousands of Muslims celebrate Prophet Mohammad's birth anniversary in the USA

The United States of America witnessed a large celebration, coinciding with the birth anniversary of the prophet Mohammad, which saw broad participation from various countries, including Spain, Italy, and Scotland, in addition to the Muslims in the USA.
Regarding the importance of the event and its organisation, Bilal Ahmed, a member of the march organising committee, said, "We celebrate the birth of our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), his life, his heritage, and his knowledge legacy to show the world our love and devotion to our great messenger, who taught us love, mercy, and harmony; therefore, Islam is one of the fastest-growing religions at the moment due to its message of mercy, which was brought by Prophet Mohammad, the seeker of justice for all human beings."
He stated that this gathering has been held annually as a tradition for 25 years, as each year we commemorate the prophet Mohammad's birth anniversary, supported by local authorities."
Sufi Qasim, a lecturer at Blackburn College who helped organise this event, said, "This celebration aims to highlight the message of the prophet, which aims to spread peace to the whole world."
Translation / Aba al-Hassan Abbas