A delegation from the Orthodox Christian community in Spain and Portugal visits Al-Haidariya Library

A delegation representing the Orthodox Christian community in Spain and Portugal, headed by Reverend Demetriu Sas Cabo, visited the Al-Haidariya Library of Imam Ali Holy Shrine in Najaf.

"The Spanish delegation expressed its satisfaction and great admiration for the library and its diverse valuable books, sources and topics in several languages,” said Ali Kazem, one of the librarians.

The representative of the Orthodox Christian community and the delegation accompanying him toured the corridors of the library to see its open system, which makes it easier for researchers to access their sources.

For his part, Reverend Demetriu Sas Cabo wrote in the library’s visit log, “I am writing a memory to this important cultural edifice, and I extend my thanks and gratitude to those in charge of managing this precious edifice, for their cooperation, love and hospitality in the reception, and I pray for their success. I send my prayers to all the prophets and messengers and to the various sects and religions.”


Emad Bao