American researcher and journalist arrives at Imam Hussain Holy Shrine to participate in the Arbaeen Pilgrimage Conference

The International Media Center (IMC) of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine received the American researcher and journalist Sam Campbell, in coordination with the Karbala Center for Studies and Research.

Campbell said in a statement to the IMC, "I am honored to be in the city of Karbala and in this religious institution, where I came to participate in the conference of the Arbaeen Pilgrimage, which is a massive pilgrimage unlike any other.”   

Regarding the research he is working on, Campbell explained, “I have extensive research on global warming and how to face the challenges of hot weather, and I found that there is an effective role for the Imam Hussain Holy Shrine in facing the challenges of the climate, where several agricultural projects were implemented to combat desertification and reduce desert areas.”

He added, "The Holy Shrine appears to be the most awareness-raising institution, as I found hard work and continuous effort for many years in all fields, and what I saw in the agricultural field was a beautiful thing and a good step towards getting rid of desertification and combating climate change."


Abbas Najim