French researcher specializing in sociology visits Karbala and tours its research centers

The Karbala Center for Studies and Researches at Imam Hussain Holy Shrine received the French researcher Thibaut Laval, who specializes in the study of social life in Karbala.

During his visit, Laval said, "I found in the center's library very important and useful books for me and for all researchers in the world," praising the achievements made by the Karbala Center for Studies and Researches in the scientific and research fields, as well as the great intellectual activities in the field of collecting, analyzing, documenting and publishing books and literature specialized in all aspects of the daily life in the city of the Master of Martyrs, peace be upon him, especially those related to the city's political documents.

The researcher indicated that he received a number of compliments from the parties he met in the context of writing his specialized research, and praised the role of the Karbala Center for Studies and Researches, for preserving the historical, cultural and political legacy of the city of Karbala.


Emad Bao