German journalist: Western media did not do justice to Iraq and the holy shrines

The General Secretariat of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine hosted a press delegation from Germany in coordination with the International Media Center and the Public Relations Department, to review the religious and service projects provided by the Shrine's administration.

German journalist Lotus Yekel said, "It was my dream to visit Iraq and Karbala because I studied Islamic sciences in Hamburg and had a special interest in Islamic stories and fondness for the ancient religion. We did not expect Karbala to have this religious organization and this peaceful community coexistence. Fellow German journalists were afraid of going to Iraq, specifically Karbala, but after this visit, my view differed completely, as everyone here practices freedom of worship and no one asked me about my religion. I was astonished at the urban development in projects and religious institutions and how the shrines care about the health, cultural, scientific and service aspects.”

Yekel pointed out, "One of the distinguished projects we visited was the Warith International Foundation for the Treatment of Cancerous Tumors, which is affiliated with the Imam Hussain Holy Shrine, and I can easily say that it is not only comparable to the cancer treatment centers in developed countries of the world, but surpasses them in organization, modernity and care. This is what I wish to convey to the west when I return.”


Abbas Najm