Glimpses from the Life of Imam Hasan al-Mujtaba

Name: Hasan

Title: Al-Mujtaba (The Chosen One)

Kuniyat: Abu Muhammad

Father: Imam Ali

Mother: Fatima Zahra

Birthdate: 15th of Ramadhan 3 A.H. in Madina

Imamate: From 40 A.H. to 50 A.H.

Martyrdom: 28th Safar 50 A.H.

Buried: Madina, Saudi Arabia


His Birth


He was born in Medina on the night of the middle day of the month of Ramadan, in the year 3 A.H. He was the eldest son.

When Al-Hasan was born, the Prophet, peace be upon him and progeny, took Him. Then the Prophet said the adhan (call to prayer) in Al-Hasan's right ear, and said the iqama (words similar to the adhan) in his left ear. Then he sacrificed a ram for Him (in the ceremony of Aqiqa).

The Prophet named Him Hasan. People did not know such a name in the pre-Islamic period.


His Nicknames

Al-Sibt, al-Sayyid, al-Zaki, al-Mujtaba, al-Taqi.


His Characteristics


No one was more like the Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless Him and his family, than Al-Hasan b. 'Ali, peace be on Him, in form manner, and nobility.

In this manner the describers have described Al-Hasan and said; "He (Al-Hasan) had a white, reddish face, He had black eyes, smooth cheeks, thick heard, and curly, plentiful hair, His neck was as white as a jug of silver, His body was good. He had large shoulders, and bid fleshy bones. He was of medium height; neither long nor short, He was handsome; the best of all people in face.

The Holy Imam spent the first seven years of his life under the care and guidance of his grandfather, the Holy Prophet. This early training made the Holy Imam outstanding in his knowledge, piety, tolerance, intelligence and courage.

The Holy Imam and his brother Imam Husain (A) were very dear to the Holy Prophet. He used to carry them on his shoulders and once told the people, "Hasan and Husain are the leaders of the youth of Paradise."

Fatima once brought her two sons to her father and said, "O Apostle of Allah, these are your two grandsons. Give them something as an inheritance." The Holy Prophet replied, "Hasan shall have my form and my nobility and Husain shall have my generosity and bravery."

As a child, the Holy Imam used to listen attentively to the verses of the Holy Qur'an as they were revealed. To the surprise of the Holy Prophet, his daughter Fatima would often recite the exact text of a newly revealed verse before he personally told her about it. When he asked her how she knew, she informed him that the Holy Imam had already taught her the verse when he heard the Holy Prophet recite it in the mosque in front of the people.

He was quite wealthy and could have lived in luxury if he desired, but he preferred to spend his money to help the poor and needy. Twice in his life he gave away his entire wealth in charity and began all over again.


Source: ABNA