German traveler fulfills his dream in Iraq of staying overnight near the ancient Ziggurat of Ur

The Dhi Qar Antiquities Inspectorate announced that it had fulfilled the dream of a German traveler and tourist to spend a night near the ancient Ziggurat of Ur.

The Director of the Dhi Qar Inspectorate, Amer Abdul Razzaq, said, "As an authority responsible for granting approvals to visit or excavate the province's antiquities, we were able to fulfill the dream of a German traveler, to stay for one night near the archaeological ziggurat of Ur."

He added, "The German traveler spent a whole night near the ziggurat to watch the night life and the stars over the famous archaeological place."

Abdul Razzaq indicated that "the German traveler arrived in a RV alone and communicated in English with everyone."

He pointed out that "the German traveler stayed in the province for three days, during which he visited many archaeological sites in Dhi Qar.”


Emad Bao