International conference on the legacy of the Prophethood and the Imamate of Imam al-Askari

The General Secretariat of al-Askariyain Holy Shrine announced the completion of the preparations for the organization of the second international scientific conference held by the Samarra Heritage Center under the slogan ‘Imam al-Hassan al-Askari: The Legacy of the Prophethood and the Imamate’, in cooperation with Baghdad University / College of Islamic Sciences and 24 other Iraqi universities.

The Preparatory Committee stated that the conference will be held at the Holy Shrine in Samarra on Thursday morning April 4, and the opening ceremony will witness various programs, including an exhibition of the Holy Shrine’s valuables that were subjected to damage, in addition to a book fair and online research sessions via Zoom.

Below is the Zoom ID and Password for the online research sessions:

ID: 942 168 5181

Password: 123123