With the participation of the Holy Shrine, Imam Hussain conference was held in India

The Indian city of Bangalore, with the participation of the Imam Hussein Shrine and various religions and sects, witnessed the launch of Imam Hussain Day Conference activities in its 31st edition.

Dr. Saad al-Al-deen Al-bannaa', delegate of the Holy Shrine, stated, "The conference was held under the slogan "diversity and solidarity", in the presence of Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus, Christians, Bohras, Shias, and Sunnis. Noting that everyone knows about Imam Hussain's brave revolution and reacts with Ashuraa."

Al-Banna stated, "The conference delivered several speeches regarding respect for diversity and solidarity between societies, including the word of the Holy Shrine, which is the opening speech."

He added, "The words were translated into Urdu and English so that they could be understood and interacted with."

Al-Banna concluded, "We dedicated Imam Hussain's mourning banner, the flag of mourning for Imam Hussein (PBUH), to the cultural institutions."

Edited by: Fadhel Al-Sharifi


Translation: Aba al-Hassan Abbas