In Indonesia...Holding an Islamic book fair with the participation of various publishing houses

The Indonesian capital, Jakarta, held an Islamic Book Fair in order to spread Islamic culture and heritage globally. 
The exhibition, held by the Indonesian Publishers Association (IKAPI), witnessed considerable international participation that highlighted the necessity of Islamic culture in human societies.
The 21st Islamic Book Fair in Jakarta this year has carried important titles, most notably the great morals of Mohammad and the achievements of Islamic culture globally.
The exhibition witnessed the participation of (71) publishing houses and (33) multi-product companies, in addition to the involvement of pavilions for media, artistic, and literary outlets.
Hekmat Kurnya, the man in charge of the association, mentioned the conference activities' success, which witnessed an active presence of authentic Islamic culture while stressing the importance of (eradicating illiteracy in the Islamic nation)
He added, "The world is changing very quickly; that is why eradicating illiteracy is needed. Without knowledge of reading and writing, we will not know the changes happening in the world. This knowledge is the base of any great nation."