UN delegation visits the Holy Shrine of Imam

A delegation from the UN headed by its Secretary-General's counsellor and the UN's head of the Special Team for ISIS crimes, Christian Ritcher, visited the Shrine of Imam Hussain (PBUH) and saw the other religious sites related to it.

Christian Ritcher to the IMC, "During my visit to the Shrine, I had that remarkable soothing, spiritual feeling, as the sacred place atmosphere was great; that enforce you to like it and meditate a lot because it is mesmerising."

Regarding the ISIS impact in Iraq, Ritcher confirmed that the UN program included making a study and scanning for all the places these terrorist groups entered, as it wasn't limited to one cult on another, as it had Yazidis, Sabeans, and others, with documenting a geological scan."

It is stated that the delegation visited the Shrine museum and was briefed by its director, Ghassan Al-Shahrastani, about the things displayed; Mr Ritcher expressed his gratitude for the warm reception, hospitality, and honour of this visit to the hol