756 artifacts found in the Basra excavation missions

The General Authority for Heritage and Antiquities announced the discovery of approximately 756 artifacts that differed according to the year of their manufacture, including pottery, glazed pottery, pieces of copper, and others of stone and ivory, in addition to finding a group of silver coins that date back to the Islamic eras, including the Sasanian ones.

This is considered the beginning of Arabization because it bears the emblems and pictures of the Sasanian kings, and it has the phrase “In the Name of God” written on it, in addition to other coins dating back to the Umayyad era bearing the year of minting and other coins dating back to the Abbasid era.

Ali Shalgham, Director General of the Investigations and Excavations Department, said in a statement, "756 artifacts were found in Basra during the excavations that were conducted in archaeological sites.”

Shalgham explained, "The excavation site is located in plot No. 407 north of Basra, where three excavation points (A B C) were opened to reveal the walls of residential rooms built with clay and some with bricks, dating back to the Islamic Abbasid period.

Shalgham added, "two layers were discovered during the first excavations, most of which were removed, as there was nothing left of them, either parts of floors paved with bricks or their walls removed, and the second layer consisted of residential units, some built with clay and others with bricks, in addition to the discovery of a network of streets, some of which are main and others narrower such as alleys, all of which are vertically paved with bricks.”


Abbas Najim