Imam Hussain Holy Shrine participates in the Iraq International Book Fair

The Holy Shrine of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine participates in a number of important international book fairs in Iraq. After it completed its participation in the Sulaymaniyah International Book Fair, the Holy Shrine is participating in the Iraq International Book Fair in its third session, which is held by the Al-Mada Cultural Foundation in Baghdad.

The book fair opened on December 7, in the presence of the Prime Minister Mohammed Shia' al-Sudani, the Minister of Culture, the Governor of Baghdad and a number of senior officials.

The Exhibitions Division of the Media Department at Imam Hussain Holy Shrine worked in coordination with the book fair management in order to choose a distinguished location.

The publications of more than 13 departments of the Holy Shrine were displayed at the event.  

More than 400 titles, including those who address the youth segment, as well as the publications of the Al-Daleel Foundation, which raise topics related to the topic of atheism, and other historical titles about the history of Karbala.

A large number of Iraqi families, university students, and other well-known figures toured the pavilion of the Holy Shrine, including the Prime Minister, the Minister of Culture, the director of the fair and a number of religious figures.

The Iraq International Book Fair will continue for 10 days from the date of its opening.