Due to hate crimes, a car collided with an Arab-Muslim student studying at Stanford University

At least five possible hate crimes that happened at Stanford University since the start of the war between Israel and Hamas are under investigation, including one involving an Arab Muslim student, according to the university's public safety department.
Authorities stated that the student was hit by a car Friday afternoon.
The victim's family reported that the driver saw the student, then pressed the acceleration of the car to hit him and drove away while screaming bad words, according to the statement.
Pre-investigations by the California Highway Patrol determined that the incident was a hate crime, according to a statement issued Saturday by the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office, which is leading the investigation.
Stanford University President Richard Saller and Dean Jenny Martinez condemned the hit-and-run incident on Friday.
They stated, "We are deeply bothered to hear this report of potential hate-based physical violence on our campus, as violence here is unacceptable and hate-based violence is morally reprehensible."
The Council of American-Islamic Relations of the San Francisco Bay Area said in a statement on Saturday, "The incident affirmed the urgent need to address the rise in Islamophobia and hate occurring in our societies."