Muslim scientist wins the 2023 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

The Muslim scientist Monji Gabriel Bawendi, of Lebanese descent, won the International Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2023 for his proficiency in semiconductors (quantum dots)... an essential element in many advanced technologies.

During the award announcement, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said, "The Muslim scientist Monje Gabriel Bawendi won the Nobel Prize along with the scientists Louis Bruce and Alexei Ekimov in modern nanotechnology."

They added, "Dr Bawendi made a scientific revolution in the chemical production of quantum dots in 1993, a new and advanced revolution after the success of using its applications in the electronic industries and nanotechnology."

The academy stated that "quantum dot processes illuminate computer screens and televisions via QLED technology, while biochemists and doctors use them to map biological tissues."

They concluded, "Scientists think that these points play a pivotal role in flexible electronics, precise sensors, more compact solar cells, and secure quantum communication, which opens up exciting possibilities for their applications."



Translation / Aba al-Hassan Abbas