Excavations revealed a cemetery for Muslims in Spain hundreds of years ago

Excavations in Spain revealed a historic Islamic cemetery in Granada City, in southern Spain. Based on the burial method, it was confirmed that the buried are Muslims.
Archaeologist Amjad Suleiman, who is researching the Andalusian Islamic civilization, said, "One of the eight Islamic cemeteries in the city was discovered during excavations on a building on the ancient side of Granada City, in the area known as Bab al-Fakhareen."
Suleiman explained that they have thus far discovered the remains of over 40 Muslims in (Bab al-Fakhareen), out of 150 believed to be buried in that small area.
Suleiman said, "Granada was the last refuge for Muslims in Andalusia, as the number of people buried reveals the massive number of Muslims who lived there."
He added, "From inspecting how they were buried, it is obvious that the deceased were Muslims." 
The archaeologist concluded, "During the excavation, they discovered three layers of underground graves, in addition to some pieces of pottery with Arabic inscriptions similar to those written in al-Hamraa Palace, built in the 13th century."
It is stated that today, about 40,000 Muslims live in Granada, most of them are immigrants.
Translation / Aba al-Hassan Abbas