An Islamic symposium was held in Guyana about Muslims in the Caribbean

An international symposium on the history and heritage of Muslims in the Caribbean region was held in Guyana, a South American country. The organisers stated, "They should not only focus on the history of Muslims but rather formulate a strategy for the religion's future."
They added, "The three-day symposium brings together scholars, researchers, and educators Globally, promoting intellectual dialogue and collaboration, as the Government of Guyana organises it in cooperation with the Research Centre for Islamic History, Art, and Culture (IRCICA) and the General Secretariat of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

Dr. Mohammad Irfan Ali, the conference chairman, said, "Let us not only think of our efforts in history. It is important because the context through which the conversation must develop is important, and that is why the intellectual strength of the forum was based; because the intellectual strength is to bring history and context and then build that history and context."

Dr. Abdullah Hakeem Kwik, IRCICA's Special Envoy, said, "The symposium gathered many experts to produce new narratives for the Caribbean region, and we will look at the Muslims who came to the Caribbean to study their impact, as we will provide documented evidence that shows Muslims had came to the Caribbean before Columbus."

Translation / Aba al-Hassan Abbas