In Istanbul... the Shrine's delegation organizes an activity to share Imam Hussain's blessings

The delegation of the Holy Shrine, represented by the Media Department in cooperation with the AhluAlbayet Foundation in Istanbul, organised an event to seek blessings from Imam Hussain's banner (PBUH) at the Allahu Akbar Mosque in Istanbul."

The Shrine's representative, Sheikh Ali Al-Qarawi, stated, "Coinciding with the conference held by the Shrine in Istanbul at Allahu Akbar Mosque, which is considered one of the biggest in the city, the Media Dep. set up an activity to write (YA Hussain) on the banner, due to its spiritual value, in the hearts of AhluAlbayets' followers as massive numbers of people came to get Tabarruk, these activities help to deliver Imam Hussain's message to the whole world."

Sheikh Rahmani, Director of AhluAlbayet Foundation in Turkey, said, "Today we visited Allahu Akbar Mosque and participated in the (Friday Prayer) and the Religious Lecture given by Sheikh Ali Al-Qarawi, in which he explained the Hadeeth of 
(Imam Hussain is the guidance torch and rescue ship)."

Durgham Malallah Al-Bayati from Dep said, "The delegation of the Holy Shrine, represented by the Media Department, brought the banner from Karbala to Istanbul in order to share blessings and Tabrrauk of Imam Hussain with the people in the city."