Ahlulbayt followers around the world celebrate the birth anniversary of the Prophet and Imam al-Sadiq, peace be upon them

Celebrations for the birth anniversary of the Noble Prophet and his grandson, Imam al-Sadiq, peace be upon them, are being held by Muslims worldwide, through the organization of special events and activities.

Western media outlets are covering the auspicious occasion, through reports and articles on the life of the Prophet of Mercy, peace be upon him and his progeny.

The French daily Le Monde published an article, in which it pointed out the importance of this anniversary to the hearts of Muslims around the world, citing the sayings of Muslim scholars and travelers about the history of reviving the honorable occasion in Islam and the ceremonies and events that accompany it.

As for the ‘Asian Image’ newspaper, it stated that Muslims in Scotland, London and elsewhere rejoiced at the birth anniversary of the Noble Prophet, peace be upon him and his progeny, especially since they were prevented from reviving the honorable occasion last year due to Covid restrictions.

Meanwhile, the British newspaper, South Wales Argus, also expressed its interest in writing about the manifestations of joy witnessed by the Islamic and Western world on the special occasion, including symbolic marches, celebrations and festivals, and the distribution of sweets and food to the participants.