Twelve Logical and Scientific-based Proofs for the Oneness of God

Twelve Logical and Scientific-based Proofs for the Oneness of God

By: Dr. Ghulam Habib

1. Belief in God is purely a scientific issue.  The more a person observes universe deeply, the more he becomes aware of a superpower entity that has designed the universe from subatomic particles to largest and farthest galaxies and from complex and accurate interplay of genes to cells making a complete living system. All this cannot be spontaneous or by randomness or by chance. It’s definitely designed. But this mysterious designer is invisible to us, cannot be completely comprehended by our intellect or latest technological devices human beings have invented because our eyes, our ears, our brains are also designed by the same designer. The designer has put limitations that we cannot cross or go beyond. We are all manufactured products by that unknown manufacturer. Like you buy a new car, and you are sure that its manufactured, but you have not seen the manufacturer, but you believe in the manufacturer. If you say that the car is not manufactured, or it is made by chance or by randomness, or it has evolved, then people will doubt your sanity. 

2. There are many things that we believe in their existence, but we don’t see them. Like bacteria, cells, atoms, radiations etc. etc. We see their effects in our daily life that point to their existence. So, this means that its natural for us to believe in something or many things that we don’t see but we know its existence by our reasoning power, and we believe in them. So, a person can believe in God or the mysterious designer without seeing him – just by observing his signs in molecules, cells, mechanisms, biological systems, physical laws, events, whole universe, etc. It’s normal. 

3. A general observation of human beings leads us to conclude that we are born without our will, and we will die one day – without knowing accurately when.  We have come from nowhere and we will go to unknown place. We are like passengers. Additionally, so we don’t have accurate knowledge about how we are living with a perfect body and brain, how and why we are safe, why actually we get sick at a specific point in our life and why we have a particular accident or a hardship in our life.  We also cannot guarantee our existence even for the next five minutes. This leads to a feeling of depression and sadness. But this also leads us to have hope, thinking and imagination that there must a very powerful factor which is protecting us all the time and is preventing it to happen. Perhaps or certainly this powerful factor is the same manufacturer who designed us and the whole universe. 

4. Looking at ourselves physically, we were made from fusion of sperm and ovum of our parents. How and why have we become now with the prefect biological system over a period of several years? It is itself an unimaginable mystery. One must realize that the basic fact that there is a powerful, all-knowing entity that is continuously working day and night ultra-microscopically at atomic and molecular level within our body that has developed us that a person has reached present shape and is keeping us protected. That manufacturer is guiding our cells to function normally, divides them, nurtures them, has fixed the role of each and every molecule within our living system. Isn’t it amazing how two halves of our body have developed simultaneously and equally to the same proportion throughout our life? One can consider thousands of such ‘how’ questions, especially a student of biology, genetics and medicine can question it for the role of each molecule in a living system. It seems certainly that each molecule within living system actually ‘knows’ or is ‘guided’ to do its destined function. A slight change in the molecule leads to serious genetic disorder that makes a person abnormal with uncurable genetic disease. 

5. Observing deeply within us, isn’t it amazing that when we have strong feeling or distress or concern towards a problem or a difficulty we are facing, it is solved ultimately after some time? Even without genuinely praying to God. When we make an effort for something, we usually get result, sooner or later, partly or wholly? When we make a hard effort for something and when we don’t get an immediate result we tried for, after some time, something unexpected reaches us to our benefit – something that we didn’t want and didn’t even expect but comes to us for our help, support or benefit. Doesn’t this happen? Isn’t it amazing that when we help others, we get internal pleasure? How does this pleasure come to us? Why it gives us pleasure and not pain?  Isn’t amazing that we do something bad, we don’t feel good inside? Why we feel bad and not good inside? And also, until we do not undo the bad things we have done, it hurts us inside – does it? Why? For example, when we hurt a friend by our bad or harsh words or action, until we say sorry and apologize and replace that bad action with a good one, it hurts us inside whenever we think about it. All this means that there is an accurate system for pleasure and pain inside us. Isn’t it? This leads us to conclude that we are designed to have pleasure only from good actions and we fell torture inside by our bad actions. Our internal or ‘mind’ or ‘soul’ or ’spirit’ is designed for good, perfection and not for bad or being defective. 

6. Another interesting observation is that usually our bad personal actions remain hidden from public and somehow are masked by others. But usually, our good personal actions become more public, and people come to know of them, are more fruitful and we get more reward or return for good things. For example, one acquires knowledge of medical science for few years to cure diseases but get rewards during the lifetime and even beyond. A scientist doing research to find a cure or discover something beneficial usually gets whole or a part of it. But if one acquires knowledge for killing innocent human beings, how long will it work? What will be the ultimate result? Isn’t it like apoptosis or self-destructive process that doesn’t last longer? Thus, considering all this, it seems that a mysterious system is doing it purposefully – its biased towards goodness or good actions in a very accurate manner. It amplifies the response or reward to goodness compared to badness or ugliness we have done in thought and actions to the minutest level. If so, then how does this delicate and accurate system work all the time? It is also possible that depending upon the type of action we do and based upon thoughts and ideas we have, there must be millions of such unknown systems with predefined variables operating at our personal level in our day to day lives that have fixed results for all the good and bad actions we are doing and these are also giving us fixed results but we are not conscious or aware of it – most probably because we don’t know them or we don’t observe them. Isn’t it possible?

7. Continuing on the previous point, while many of these actions or thoughts have accurate and predefined effects on our physical life, it is also possible that some or many of the good or bad actions have results beyond our physical life – after physical death. This, then leads to predicting a system after physical life that is not same but similar to physical life and that is specially designed for rewards of highly good and bad actions. For example, a person is so good that he is killed while saving life of another human being or defending weak and innocent against an oppressed army. How will the reward of good action reach him? Same for a very cruel ruler who killed many innocent people and dies apparently peacefully in his bed. Isn’t it possible that a system of reward and punishment exists after death especially if the magnitude of one’s such good or bad actions is very high? Isn’t it possible? Isn’t it scientific when we consider that the whole system is designed logically and is intricately accurate and is beyond time and space? 

8. Now considering this at a personal level, if this observation is correct, it is possible that it must be operating for every human being, family, generation after generation, community, society, nations, civilizations? And if so, whatever we see on the earth is the net result of such actions at a fixed time? Personal success or failure, difficulties and relief from difficulties, disease and health, security and insecurity, family problems or building of nations or countries or their destruction, and rise and fall of civilizations? Bad and ugly actions leading to downfall and good actions leading to sustenance and survival. All net results, which is the sum of good and bad actions in real-time at any given point; Very accurate and timely. Isn’t it possible? If so then whoever has designed this complex, accurate system is also working all the time, beyond time and space and has fixed it. It’s something like two plus two equals to four everywhere and all the time - from earth to Milky Way to the farthest point in universe - it’s a constant built-in inherently, it is balanced to suit from tiniest to the mightiest, from weakest to mightiest. Isn’t it possible? But from outside we see chaos, disorder, ugliness, random rise and fall, disease and health, death and birth, cruel and bad etc. etc. – Isn’t it possible? Isn’t it true? 

9. Another observation is that only human beings make progress in this universe. Starting from the beginning of humanity till today, isn’t it the fact that the life is becoming better for human beings? There was no cure for many diseases, but now we have it. The travel has become faster, millions of products are invented by human beings that have improved human life and survival. From the beginning of humanity, the knowledge and skills of human beings are increasing. Why is this happening? Is it automatic? Spontaneous? Random? All other animals have remained the same. Monkey was monkey and monkey are monkey, lion was lion and lion is lion, ant was ant and ant is ant. Why have all other animals remained the same but only human being is different? Human being was in jungles and is now reaching Mars? How is it possible? Isn’t possible that the same designer and manufacturer has specifically designed and manufactured human being differently? 

10. With such a perfect cosmic and microcosmic system that a human is a tiny part of it, then why there are major problems? Why earthquakes, other natural disasters, genetic diseases, disorders, etc. occur, why cruel human beings are created and led to life and become powerful that lead to war, oppression and destruction that affect and make suffer and kill innocent human beings? It seems that there is a random or chance factor that has made this universe and it doesn’t care for innocents. But there is another explanation for all these bad and ugly things. Is it possible that this system is very accurate as we know and, as discussed above, that it has many other unknown variables that we are not aware of, and we do not consider them to be operative because we have no knowledge of them? And all these earthquakes and disasters, other ugly and bad things are the results of these unknown variables or factors? Perhaps the best scientific way to understand this ugly and bad factor is to understand the Chaos theory. This universe is built on a highly complex perfect design as Einstein said. He also said that the God of a scientist is different from the God of a common man. Why? Because a scientist has deep and different observation, sees data, facts and uses pure intellectual or factual ability and then uses the power of reasoning, predictive logic and imagination and then believes. So, when a child is born with genetic disease, that child has not done any crime and is innocent but is suffering. A common religious man may say it was because of God – He did it and we accept it. So let us be patient and pray and take him to a doctor. Maybe he will find a cure. An atheist or agnostic person would say that since there is no God, no merciful God, no wise God, and there is randomness and there is chance factor ruling this whole universe and so this child was born like that because of it. Like all other such chance events this is also one of such events. A wise religious scholar would say that there must be another factor that this child has been born like that. He may suggest that there is divine factor in it, this child will have reward from God who created it in such a way, the child will be a source of blessing for family and the parents as the more they endure and take care of it, more relief will come their own lives (for example, they may become rich, they may get better personal blessings such as abilities, opportunities in their lives etc.), it will make them conscious of God and make them pray to him; and for a society at large, it will also provoke to be conscious of the fact that most of the humans are born perfect is not because of chance or random and it’s not their effort – it’s because God has created them and protected them, and if society has some abnormal life style they must correct it, for example fetal alcohol syndrome, or several other disorders that are product of bad lifestyle or neglect. Such a child, if it grows as an adult and is mentally normal will have amazing powers such seen in Savant Syndrome. A religious scholar in addition, may also suggest giving more charity so to reduce suffering and so forth. But a Prophet or a divine person in addition to above, would very accurately say that such a child is the result of such, and such action or sin committed by either by parents, or another person or society at large or another factor and may also suggest accurate treatment by physical or non-physical means. Miraculously, such a divine person can even cure such an illness. A scientist is different person. After realizing that this universe is created on perfect design from subatomic to the whole cosmos, he would investigate the factors responsible for such an illness in that child and also other chaotic conditions and then finds causes based on evidence and then tries to find solutions or understand them in a logical manner. Because he has already understood the whole design, he inherently knows that if there is or there are unknown factors responsible for such ugly and bad things, each of them has their own fixed and specific effects in time and space and are a part of a larger system. Additionally, every bad or abnormal or ugly thing on the one end or a good, normal or perfect thing on the other end, is the final result of several factors, each of which has its own role in it. The beauty of scientific observation is that when a scientist observes ugly and bad things, the investigation or even deep observation increases his faith in the unknown designer who created the whole system. Because he sees perfect order in the disorder, he sees perfectness in apparent chaos and randomness, he sees orderliness instead of chance or randomness. That’s why scientists are able to develop science for the benefit of human beings and make life better -irrespective of the fact that they believed in God or not. But they certainly observed a perfect system of highly complex variables that are working very accurately all the time and each has its role predefined to give us normal life, day and night, from gene expression to cellular functions to complete living system – From subatomic particles to mass and charge of an electron to cosmic radiation to the distance between Sun and Earth and Milky way to nearest Galaxy to black holes. Thus, if one gene malfunction, the whole living system gets disturbed. If charge of electron is changed, then the whole physical system of universe will be destroyed because it is perfectly matched with the other particles and design of an atom and so if it is changed, it’s going to affect all the atoms, molecules, compounds, earth, Sun, stars, galaxies everything and will lead to collapse. This is their belief in God – without expressed in words. They say we don’t believe in God, but they believe in perfect creation designed by God. Like a person who says that I believe that the new car I have purchased is really prefect and I like it. But I don’t believe in manufacturer! Still many scientists who said that they don’t believe in God is because they couldn’t understand apparent disorderliness in other systems outside their studied domain or discipline. For example, a biologist couldn’t understand why there is earthquake that kills so many innocent people and so there is no God. Same for a physicist or mathematician who couldn’t understand genetic diseases in innocent children and say that there is no merciful God! 

11. Human beings acquire knowledge by their experience, knowledge, trial and error, even intuition. This, on a collective level, is applicable for communities, societies, nations and civilizations. However, this is not enough because such knowledge is based on results of their limited variables in time and space experiences and experiments and so is deficient and changes all the time for better. But a prophet or a divine person sees all the variables operative in the huge universe from a gene to a whole living system, from an atom to huge galaxies and from power of human reason, intellect, imaginations, feelings and prayers and results of good and bad actions to the divine laws operating over all the physical and non-physical phenomena. That’s why he would know and answer they all the questions related to such phenomena and the explain them from the point of wisdom of the wise designer and manufacturer of this universe. That’s why the same designer sent Prophets and divine personalities who didn’t do any experiment to guide humanity. That’s why religion is the perfect science. Religious laws, teachings and practices explain and guide human beings to live in harmony with each other, with their environment, with friends and foes, with other creatures, and to know their designer. 

12. In addition, religious guidelines also teach human beings to amplify the effects of their good actions, to know many of these unknown variables that negatively affect or reduce the impact of our good actions, such as self-admiration, pride, lust, immorality, ostentation, prejudice, jealousy, uncontrolled anger, hypocrisy, lie, selfishness, oppression, etc. They also teach us to amplify the effects of our good actions, such as sincerity, thankfulness, humbleness, truthfulness, seeking beneficial knowledge, trusting God, daily contemplation, repentance, giving charity, patience, good behavior, courage for the sake of helping oppressed, kindness, self-sacrifice, prayers and intimate prayers to God, etc. etc. This is purely scientific observation of human life that is taught by divine scientists or prophets because such knowledge is not acquired by human beings doing scientific experiments in labs. Einstein could calculate that velocity of light is a universal constant, but Einstein cannot do experiment or do calculation and say that if you give charity, it will save you from a disaster or an accident or that if you be kind to your near relatives, it will increase your lifespan. The reason is that scientists work on fixed variables in time and space, but Prophets are masters of eternal variables in time and space, and they are taught by God – the designer of these eternal variables. The book that has all these eternal variables mentioned in it is the Holy Qur’an which means observation or reading. But then for its explanation, human being needs living examples, so the life of Prophet and divine leaders provide living examples to imitate and follow. They provide glaring examples of high human qualities in all aspects that are required by any human being. Their words of guidance or narrations explain these eternal scientific variables and their effects in great detail for human beings to follow. They had all their actions performed to have eternal good results. We can follow them and get good results based on our abilities and effort, difficulties faced by us in doing good actions, patience, endurance and sincerity of our actions. Islam provides best example of a scientific life for human beings and for nations to acquire best results for their thoughts and actions – individually and collectively.