The Holy Shrine announced the establishment of a neuropathy centre that will provide free services

The Health and Medical Education Authority at Imam Hussain Holy Shrine announced the establishment of the Neuromuscular Disease Centre, which will provide its services for free.
Dr Haider al-Abidi, head of the Health and Medical Education Authority at the Holy Shrine, said that the Shrine's Chief Clerk, His Eminence Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Al-Karbalai, directed the establishment of a nerve and muscle disorder centre, which will provide its services free.
Al-Abedi added, "The centre is one of a kind and will provide its services to patients who suffer from neuromyopathy. This centre will be the first step, followed by a larger one, which is establishing a specialised hospital to develop the appropriate protocol for treating such cases."
He stated, "There is no database showing the types of disease syndromes associated with it, so the Holy Shrine took it upon itself to create this centre, and an agreement was set with one of the specialised centres in Japan to conduct genetic maps for affected patients, stressing that the expenses of these examinations are costly and will be fully paid by the Holy Shrine."
He added, "The centre has cadres from several nationalities, including Iraqi, Singaporean, Japanese, and British. We will receive children suffering from these diseases and take samples of them, then send them to the approved centre in Japan with appropriate protocols in place for them. Then a treatment plan will be developed under the supervision of the centre."
Al-Abidi called the children's families suffering from this disease to visit the centre and conduct the examinations to start the treatment journey with accurate diagnoses.