An Italian delegation visits Imam Hussain Holy Shrine to spread the spirit of love and peace

In coordination with the International Media Center of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine, a delegation from the city of Assisi, Italy, visited the Holy Shrine on Thursday, November 3rd, to support communication and spread dialogue and cooperation between religions.

The delegation was headed by Father Jalal Yaoko, who said in a statement to the IMC, “This visit expresses coexistence with all nations, sects and religions, and it embodies our desire to build bridges of peace and love, because these holy places in Karbala bring together people of all sects and religions and they are not limited to Muslims.”

Yaoko sent a message to the world, indicating that “Iraq today will enter an important stage, which is the stage of receiving delegations from all sects and all countries of the world, including tourists and visitors to the holy shrines, and it will remain an important station to attract humanity from all over the world.”


Amir al-Mousawi